Research & Development

At Sonova Communications we develop products in the fields of assistive listening, covert communication, hearing protection and consumer audiology products, as well as the Sonova wireless platform chip (Shannon). This is the world’s first chip allowing Bluetooth Classic support at a power consumption sufficiently low for being used in hearing aids, allowing Sonova users to enjoy music and telephony connectivity with Bluetooth devices of any brand. This component enables simultaneous Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, Roger, AirStream and binaural audio connectivity in Sonova’s hearing aids.

Our facilities include a RF anechoic chamber (pictured here) for the measurement of antennas performance and of products electromagnetic emissions. Software is tested continuously for regression in a temperature controlled room hosting servers, virtual machines, electronic test boards and FPGA systems.

In the field of assistive listening, we have developed the Roger technology. Roger captures and transmits speech  between remote microphones and hearing aids or cochlear implants, helping to overcome distance and noise. This proprietary system is based on a robust low power wireless audio broadcast protocol in the 2.4 GHz band and on advanced signal processing algorithms.

The R&D department of Sonova Communications provides apprenticeship opportunities for mechanical and electronic designers.